About the Journal

Journal of Financial Economics and Banking (JOFEB) is the international academic journal, and is a double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal. The aim of the JOFEB is to provide an outlet for research in financial markets and financial institutions, especially banking.

The Journal of Financial Economics and Banking (JOFEB) is an open source journal aiming to create a vigorous platform for researchers and practitioners in all major research fields in financial economics and banking to address the implications of current developments and studies in the field. JOFEB also aims to inspire new interdisciplinary research and theory that will build a body of knowledge in the field and help researchers to expand the scope of their studies through the use of free and open access databases.

The Journal of Financial Economics and Banking (JOFEB) will publish theoretical and empirical research papers on financial economics and banking from multidisciplinary (economics, finance, econometrics, marketing, and management) and multinational geographic perspectives.

Besides theoretical developments and their implementation, empirical, applied, and policy-oriented research in financial economics and banking, JOFEB's emphasis will also be on improving communications between, and within, actors of the field namely the academic and other research communities, policymakers, decision makers at private and public financial institutions and regulators.